Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to learn Dikduk

I think that this is very funny, and I would imagine some readers would agree. For others, I would need to give a Hakdmah as to why I think it's funny, which I won't do. But if you don't get it, don't feel bad. I hope my mind wasn't twisted enough to understand such things, let alone come up with them.

Last night by the Seuda, some Chassidim were discussing a certain Rebbe, when he ascended the throne, and other such pertinent issues. For some reason it popped into my twisted mind: what would be the proper way of saying someone became a Rebbe in Hebrew? So according to proper Dikduk, using the פיעל of אדמו"ר, we have the following little chart of proper Dikduk:

Future Present Past
First person אני אתאדמר אני מתאדמר אני התאדמרתי
Second person אתה תתאדמר אתה מתאדמר אתה התאדמרת
Third person הוא יתאדמר הוא מתאדמר הוא התאדמר

Imagine if your daughter is coming home from school, and instead of the monotonous הוא הלך and אתה תלך, you hear: אני התאדמרתי and אתה מתאדמר. It would definitely spice up the day a bit.

Hope you guys enjoy.


Baal Habos said...

I don't get it some kind of pun?

Acher said...

Na, just a Shtikel Meshugas that came into my head. It really goes over much better when you hear it than reading. I told it to the people at the table last night and everyone was laughing, so I thought it would be funny. That's all.

A Pusheter Yid said...

What if Chassidus would spill over to Reform and Conservative streams of Judaism which will enable the possibility of אדמורת?
Wouldn't it become the wish of good parents who want the best for their daughters that הן תתאדמרתנה?

Hasidic Rebel said...

That is funny actually. Reminds me of when I heard someone say in Hebrew, "אתה מבלשיט אותי." Cracked me up.

Acher said...

"אתה מבלשיט אותי"

That's absolutely hilarious.


תתאדמרנה ותכתבנה לחיים

Ira said...

i believe the correct hebrew binyan is the 'hitpael' not the 'piel'

Acher said...

I think you're right.

I wanted to know if your mention the other day on XGH about a Pre-Mincha talk by Kugel. Was that a reference to an actual lecture? I think I might start going to Minchah if I can find such a place.