Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introductory Post

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now, to write or not to write? As a word of caution to anyone reading this, I'm not a good writer. I've written a total of a few dozen pages in my entire life. Nevertheless, I thought I would try this out. I've been commenting on various blogs of this type for over a year now under the name 'Mark' and I thought I would see what it would be to have a place to call home. So I ask the reader to bear with me, and indulge me while I go through the growing pains.

Now to the blog itself. As you can tell from the title and description, I like a little Litzonus, it helps me get through the day, and especially through the craziness that's called Orthodox Judaism. It's simply a survival tool. I hope though, that I'll contribute more than just a few jokes to the conversation. I hope to talk about how I got from A to Z. In other words, from a completely Frum Jew, who was convinced of the fundamental truths of Judaism, the veracity of Tanach, and in the possibility of demonstrating these truths beyond any doubt; to a total Apikores, someone who is certain that the whole enterprise of religion in general, and Judaism in particular is a load of hot air, Sheker V'Chozov. I'll try to steer the conversation clear of personal undertones, using my experiences and observations to illustrate how people think etc.
In addition, I'll be commenting on the happenings within the Orthodox community, 'insights' on the Parsha (analytical, and less serious), and anything else interesting me that's within the sphere of the conversation.

Another feature of this blog will be the "Posuk of the Day". Being that I'm somewhat of a Tanach junkie, I like to use Psukim to express my mood or to bring home a point. I'll use Koheles (my favorite Sefer in Tanach) often, but Psukim from all over Tanach will appear. A disclaimer: although it's titled "Posuk of the Day" it won't be daily, but I'll try to keep it fresh.

Now, 1, 2, 3, dive. Let's see what gives.


Hasidic Rebel said...

Awesome venture, man! Looking forward to reading your stuff. Welcome to official blogdom.

Oh, and that Laughing Philosopher is the shit.

Acher said...

It's a good one I know, the picture came to my attention in a philosophy history book.

Amen on your Brocho, I could definitely use a Mi Shebeyrach.

Baal Habos said...

>אין דבר עומד בפני הלצון

Mamish Gevaldig. You should have much much hamlatza. ;)

I'm looking forward.

Acher said...


Shkoyach for the Haskama.
אִם-לַלֵּצִים הוּא-יָלִיץ
And I have his Brocho too, so what can be better.

Bruce said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Acher. I look forward to reading your posts.

Enigma_4U said...

Great first post, Acher Jr. I am a bit of a Tanakh junkie myself, with leitzanut being a favorite pastime. I am definiteily looking forward to future posts.

Acher said...

>Acher Jr.

Who is senior? I'm asking because I tried to make sure no one in the J-blogsphere had that name. "Acher" itself was taken by some Chinese guy, so I took "AcherHakoton".

Enigma_4U said...

There's a frequent commentor on the skeptic blogs who goes by Acher.

Acher said...

Does he have a blogger domain. Now that you've mentioned him, I remember that you're correct, but I don't think he has a blog.

Acher said...


What do you think of my assessment of Kugel on your comment thread?

e-kvetcher said...

Hey Acher,

Welcome to the community. Glad you stopped by my blog and I look forward to some good posts from you!

Acher said...

Thanks. As I mentioned in my post, I've been around the J-blogsphere as Mark, but I'll use this from now on.