Friday, May 7, 2010

Hechsher on What??

We've come beyond the threshold of absurdity even for Charedi shenanigans. It seems that it has become Assuer to own any stocks, lest they be involved in Chillul Shabbos or other Halacha compromising activities.
But wait! This is not all. The Gedoilim always have a Refuah Kodem L'Makoh. So there are Hechsherim for ETFs and bonds etc.
And so the contest is on! Who can correctly predict the next thing to be Assur. The winner gets to monopolize the Hechsher ensuing from that Issur.


G*3 said...

That's brilliant. I wish I'd thought of it.

It just goes to show, even in a down economy there are opportunities for those who think outside the box.

Undercover Kofer said...

Maybe this will allow people from the Eidah Charedis to get some higher education (Business MA or so) in order to give out hech-share-im ;)

Baal Habos said...


Acher said...


Presto, grab the lead in this market before it's too late, it could be a lucrative opportunity.... just look at Kedem's strong arm tactics..... they can def bve applied tp the whiskey business as well....

BenSira said...
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Lady-Light said...

או-או-שכחתי להחליף מעברית לאנגלית
Sorry about that.

Here's a good one: having a label on fish or chicken (or for that matter, matzah meal) which says "glatt."

The word has come to mean "mehadrin meha-mehadrin," not 'smooth' in lung-checking, as it originally meant.
Go figure: it's the chumra of the week club.